Riga - House of the Blackheads

Courland - Seaside

Organ at Trinity Ch. in Liepaja

Steep bank at Jurkalne

Baroque organ in Ugale

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Couronian Sights in the Sound of Organs

Riga – Tervete Nature Park – Liepaja – Ugale – Riga

Day 1: Riga, the heart of the Baltics

Arrival in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Visit to the Old City: Jacob’s Barracks, Arsenals, Doma Square, Doma Church, Saeima, Three Brothers, the Cat’s House, Livu Square, St. Peter’s Church with the tower, Museum of the Occupation.
In the afternoon, trip to Tervete Nature Park, a place of recreation for nature lovers.
Day 2: On the western shore of Courland

The city centre of Liepaja. Enjoy a short organ concert at the Holy Trinity Church, followed by a walk along the shore of the sea at Jurkalne.
Afternoon visit to the Uzava brewery, one of the most popular in Latvia. In the evening, steam-bath adventure according to the Latvian tradition.
Day 3: The jewel of Ugale

A short concert on the unique baroque organ in the church of Ugale, followed by a visit to the local organ workshop. In the afternoon, back to Riga.

A short information on the featuring organs:

The organ in the Holy Trinity Church in Liepaja was built in 1779 by H.A. Contius. Expanded in 1885, the organ is one of largest in the world.
The instrument in Ugale was built in 1700 by C. Rhaneus. There are no comparable baroque organs left anywhere in the world.