Riga - Old Town

Riga - Blackheads

Ugale - Organ

Krimulda - Nature

Turaida - Castle

Hill of Crosses

Rundale - Castle

Church of Krimulda

Liepaja - Organ

V.Novgorod - Perynsky Skit

Courland - Seaside

Saint Petersburg - Neva by night

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Discover Riga at any season

Old Town walk – Architecture of Riga – Churches of Riga

Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia with more than 800 years old history. Riga is a majour industrial, commercial, cultural and financial centre of the Baltic`s, and an important seaport , situated on the mouth of the Daugava River. Riga is called - the city of inspiration, because of its unrepeatable Art Noveau treasures, also 19 century wooden architecture , streets, boulevards, parks, museums, art galleries, churches, opera, theaters, and cafe`s. Riga has something for everyone to love and enjoy. Take a journey through the centuries to discover Riga for yourself!

Couronian Sights in the Sound of Pipe Organs Spirit of Latvia

Riga – Ugale - Zlekas – Kuldiga – Riga

Day Tour

Visit the western region of Latvia, the lands of the former Duchy of Courland. Enjoy its quaint town of Kuldiga and immerse in the sound of the unique historic tracker-action pipe organs at Ugale. The instrument in Ugale was built in 1700 by C. Rhaneus and still has most of its original parts. There are no comparable baroque organs left anywhere in the world.
Half-hour concert on the baroque organ in the church of Ugale, followed by a visit to the local organ workshop.
Church of Zlekas with its unusual wooden furnishings.
Historic city centre of Kuldiga and the river Venta, featuring the widest waterfall in Europe.

Day Trip in the Heart of Livonia

Riga – Sigulda –Turaida – Krimulda – Riga

Day Tour

A relaxing day that includes sights of natural beauty, cultural experience of medieval Livonia, and introduction to the history of Latvia. Enjoy a magnificent view of the Gauja River Valley. Visit the remains of the former Bishop’s castle of Turaida and the oldest working church in the Baltics, built in 1205. Indulge in a medieval festivity at “Godesverdera”.
Crossing of the Gauja River Valley by a cable car.
Turaida castle and museum.
Festivity at "Godesverdera"

Hill of Crosses – a sign of spiritual resistance

Riga – Bauska – Rundale – Hill of Crosses (Lithuania) – Jelgava – Riga

Day Tour

Hill of Crosses is a very special spot in the Baltics. Hundreds of thousands of crosses in various shapes and sizes have been brought and placed there in thanksgiving, praise and prayer. The tradition started and was continued as an act of resistance against the oppressive powers of Russian Tsarist and Communist regimes. On your way there, you have the opportunity to visit some historic places that represent an older era of foreign influence in the region, namely, the German.
Bauska Castle of the Livonian Order of Knights
Rundale Palace, Latvia’s baroque and rococo masterpiece
Hill of Crosses
Jelgava Palace

Active and Meditative – at the Baltic seashore

Riga – Dunte – Limbazi – Ungurmuiza – Riga

Day Tour

The Baltic Sea with its seashore is one of the biggest treasures of Latvia. The coast stretches some 500 km and varies in its character, from being wide, plain and sandy to becoming narrow, rocky or meadowy. A walk along the uncrowded shore can be really meditative, relaxing, and inspiring. In addition, you will visit quite a few places of interest in the vicinity.
Baron Munchausen's Museum
One hour walk along the beach
Red cliffs of Veczemji
Limbazi old town
Ungurmuiza Manor, a wooden baroque palace with frescoes
Underground lakes of the river Brasla

Discover Russia through the Baltics

Riga – Veliky Novgorod – Saint Petersburg – Tartu – Riga

10 days (May October)

The tour offers you insights into the history and culture of Latvia and Russia. Among other places, you will get to know Riga, the see of the bishop of Livonia, Novgorod, the birthplace of Russia and Russian icon painting, and Saint Petersburg, the modern and West-oriented facet of Russia.

Couronian sights in the sound of organs

Riga – Tervete Nature Park – Liepaja – Ugale – Riga

3 days (weekends/flexible break)

Visit Riga and the western region of Latvia, rich in its natural diversity of forests and shores of the Baltic Sea. Immerse in the sound of the unique historic tracker-action pipe organs of Liepaja and Ugale.

Weekend in the heart of Livonia

Riga – Sigulda – Krimulda – Riga

2 days (weekends/flexible break)

A relaxing weekend that includes walks in beautiful nature, cultural experience of medieval Livonia, and introduction to the history of Latvia.